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$48 out of every $50 you spend on ads goes to waste.

Google Analytics just wasn’t made for B2B and only tracks individual visitors. Making it impossible to clearly understand the impact of your marketing initiatives. Leading to wasted budget and statistically insignificant data to make quality decisions on.

You sell to businesses and not visitors, get the full picture and turn Google Analytics into an account based analytics solution.

“Great tool to add to your marketing toolbox”

“Snitcher helps us better understand the traffic on our website. We appreciate the ease of use and analytics”

Marsha H.

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“It helps us bring all of our marketing efforts together and see which channels are effective.”

Courtenay F.

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“Google analytics wasn't cutting it, so I needed more info, and Snitcher does it in real-time for me”

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Know your traffic by name.

Numbers without context don’t tell much of a story, Snitcher adds vital context to Google Analytics by enriching the numbers with company identifications. So you can spend less and convert more.

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From numbers to companies

Using real-time identification data Snitcher adds company names and firmographic information to sessions, without relying on conversions.

Powerful custom dimensions

Access company names, sizes, industries and more throughout Google Analytics with custom dimensions.

Complete buyer journeys

Tie multiple visitors and devices to a company so you get a complete picture of the journey accounts take to become customers.


Get to the bottom of which actions actually drive revenue, without the guess work.

Filter paid and organic marketing actions by the amount of target company traffic they drive, so you can cut costs with confidence and double down on winners.

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Use company firmographic filters to create segments made up of visitors matching your ideal customer profile.


Build audiences from companies that turn into customers so your ad spend doesn’t go to visitors that will never purchase.


Map behaviour and activities against your ideal customer profile to understand what works and what wastes budget.


Only retarget good fit companies across search and display while excluding bad fit visitors from future paid campaigns.


Run more tests and hit your target sooner.

Track the changes you make without needing to wait for conversions, so you can test more with less risk and make sure you hit you number within budget.

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Get immediate feedback on your tests and reach statistical relevance without spending while you wait for conversions.


Make better decisions with the full picture on how each of your actions perform at driving visitors in your target market.


Build custom dashboards in Google Data Studio or use our templates

"Snitcher with our Google Analytics account gives our web team more information about our audience and how specific types of users interact with our site."

Becca R.

Director Of Software Development

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose what information Snitcher sends to Google Analytics?

Yes, it’s possible to select which company attributes you would like to sync into Google Analytics.

Examples include:
Company name
Company domain
Company size
Company industry
Company location and more

How do I access Snitcher data in GA?

Company attributes are synced into Google Analytics as custom dimension with which you can enrich or filter reports, create audiences and build dashboards from.

How can I get started?

Get the ball rolling with a free trial and head over to the integrations page in your settings to configure the integration.

Do I need technical know how to configure the integration?

Nope, no technical skills are required to set up the integrations. It's just a one-click install. We are also available to support you if required.

Does Snitcher support GA4?

Yes we do!

Will I receive support on best practices and implementation?

We appreciate that using company data within Google Analytics is a newer way of working, so we are happy to jump on a call and walk you through the best ways of getting to valuable insights and building audiences.

Our guides are also full of helpful tips and best practices to get you started.

How does pricing work?

You can test the integration through your free trial. To make use of Google Analytics enrichment after the free trial has ended you will need to start a subscription with us.

The integration is included within the subscription cost of your account and you can see the pricing tiers to see what this fee will be.

What if I need help building reports and dashboards?

We have pre-built Looker Studio (GDS) dashboards for you that include website overviews, paid and organic marketing reports along with account based reporting dashboards.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Shoot us a message.

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