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Snitcher empowers B2B teams to understand, engage, and convert anonymous website visitors into potential leads using cutting-edge identification technology, real-time visitor tracking, and data-driven audience insights.

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For Sales

Discover, qualify and prioritize high intent target leads with real-time notifications and beat the competition to the chase.

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For Marketing

Focus on accounts, not individuals. See what engages your target audience, personalise website journeys and improve re-targeting.

Drive more conversions

For Agencies

Get insights earlier, add revenue streams and drive more qualified leads for your clients with our white-label solution.

Increase client ROI

Trusted by thousands of B2B sales and marketing teams worldwide

Give sales the edge to find and close more deals

Get notified when target companies visit your website and see what they are interested in. Help teams start and hold more relevant conversations throughout the sales cycle.

“I consistently recommend Snitcher – in our testing they not only gathered insights on a higher number of leads than it's competitors, but also had more detailed information about those leads.”

David G.

Head of Sales

Reduce wasted ad-spend and convert more target visitors

Re-target or exclude visitors to continually improve your campaign performance. Personalize journeys and serve relevant content to your audience at the right time.

“Snitcher allowed us to know which businesses where visiting our website. It's an ideal tool for Account Based Marketing and helps to gather new leads.”

Marc-Antoine C.

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Understand what your target audience actually wants

Get much deeper insights on what’s attracting, engaging and converting your ideal visitors. Stop investing in ads and content with a poor ROI and start optimizing for revenue.

“People are browsing our marketplace, and Snitcher is the mechanism by which we're able to understand who's looking for our products and why.”

Tyler E.

Founder and CEO


The Stack within your Stack

Enrich campaigns and fill sales pipelines by integrating with the products you know and love. With over 5,000+ apps already available, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.

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Real-time identification API

Want the full power in your own hands? Pipe company identification data wherever you need it with Spotter, our real-time identification API.

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Google Analytics Enricher

Google Analytics just wasn’t made for B2B – you sell to businesses, not individuals. Turn GA into an account based analytics solution and get the full picture.

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Drive more revenue from your existing budget

Snitcher supplies thousands of B2B sales and marketing teams worldwide with the insights they need to drive more revenue from their existing budgets.

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Good Data Quality Compared to Price

Very good data quality compared to price. Customer support is very responsive and is always ready to go the extra mile to help solve a challenge. It is a developing software solution that launches new features frequently and is always open for feedback.

Germans F.

A great tool to add to your marketing toolbox

The team at Snitcher is not only easy to work with, but they have designed an intuitive and efficient platform. Snitcher helps us better understand the traffic on our website. We appreciate the ease of use and analytics. It also integrates into our CRM which is the cherry on top.

Marsha H.

Best platform to find the right leads

Its better than google analytics and adobe and give us more information about the right traffic, so we are in touch with the leads faster with their contact details provided by Snitcher.

Balasubramanian G.

Good Data Quality Compared to Price

Out of all the tools we put through a trial phase, Snitcher outperformed them all in relation to how many companies it found and what kind of additional information we could glean from the data it pulled from the companies visiting our website. For example – other vendors which provide similar data detect (on average) about 60-70% fewer companies than Snitcher.

Inga B.

Took action and got some initial wins

Easy to set up. And the data provided inside is fairly rich. We could find the contact information with a few clicks and reach out to possible deals within minutes.

Vencel M.

Hidden Gem

I accidentally stumbled upon Snitcher while looking for another tool but I am very glad I did! Being in B2B, this is a hidden gem to see what companies are visiting your website. This helps us identify what channels are effective at bringing in traffic and also supplements our cold email strategy.

Lesya L.

Great insights, easy setup, friendly and responsive support team

I like the easy setup, data quality that's coming through, and self-serve capabilities to manage things on my own for the most part. They have great documentation and are happy to answer questions quickly and comprehensively.

Hisham I.

Very effective tool for sourcing leads

Snitcher is not only a great tool to keep track of website visitors and understand who potential leads are, but it's also straightforward to install. Our team had it up and running in 10 minutes and got results.

Verified user in Computer Sofware

Great for visitor identification and segmenting companies in Google Analytics

I like the great features and data it has of identifying leads that were not filling out our form. We also like the Google Analytics integration where we can see the lead details right in Google Analytics.

Verified user in Computer Software