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Identify companies on your clients websites and feed their sales teams quality leads, without relying on conversions. Build new services and revenue streams from your own brand.

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Go beyond vanity metrics in analytics, report on quality

Support existing services and grow new revenue streams

Feed sales teams with good fit leads and trigger automations

Predictably turn marketing
spend into revenue

We take care of the data and technical details so you can help your clients soar to new heights and crush their growth goals.

Test with confidence and deliver brilliant marketing strategies backed by the best identification data on the market.

Hard-won leads going cold?
Not on your watch.

Tired of generating leads only to see clients take months to start working them? Or never? Route high intent leads where your clients’ actually want them.

Configure your own real-time notifications to ensure their sales teams follow up before they go cold.

Complete the picture
with enriched analytics

Are you struggling to convince clients’ your strategy is working with vanity metric reports? Go beyond the numbers and analyse on quality.

So you can confidently put your team and clients budget to work on strategies and tactics that drive buyers, not browsers.

Grow revenue per client

White-label for Agencies

Accept or reject companies that match your pre-qualification criteria.

Offer your clients a free trial period, without incurring any costs.

Receive large discounts through volume based pricing

Manage all client accounts from one place.

Frequently asked questions

Can my clients access the billing pages?

Clients are unable to access the billing pages, so you are free to determine your own pricing towards clients.

We recommend either including the price within the services you offer that utilize the platform and data or following a similar pricing structure to ours to ensure you earn a consistent margin.

Will I receive support and training?

Yes, we work closely with Agency and White-label partners to ensure you are completely up to speed with both the basic and in-depth applications of Snitcher through both marketing and sales processes.

Through the on-boarding process we will create a custom scalable plan for you to use with clients and ensure their success with the platform.

We are also happy to work directly with clients when requested by partners to set up or provide support on more complex use case.

Do I have to use my own branding?

Nope, you can also use the powered by Snitcher brand if you prefer.

How do free trials for my clients work?

Just like regular free trials, your clients can start 14 day no commitment full access trials from your account at no expense to you.

Are client accounts the same as ‘’regular’’ accounts?

Yes, client accounts will have access to all features, integrations and identifications as with ‘’regular accounts’’.

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