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You can remove irrelevant companies and they will not count towards your quota.

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Unique company identifications

Price per month

Up to 100


101 - 250


251 - 500


501 - 750


751 - 1000


1001 - 2000


2001 - 3000


3001 - 5000


5001 - 7500


7501 - 10000


10001+ custom


Unique company identifications

Price per month

Up to 100

$59/mo $39/mo

101 - 250


251 - 500


501 - 750


751 - 1000


1001 - 2000


2001 - 3000


3001 - 5000


5001 - 7500


7501 - 10000


10001+ custom


All Features Included

No matter if you are just starting out at our entry level price, or all the way up into custom pricing – every price tier has access to all our features!

Unlimited websites profiles

Unlimited seats / users

Unlimited history retention

Company contact enrichment

Visitor activity tracking / reporting

B2B Focused Analytics

Customer Support

Exports & Integrations

API access

Custom filtering & segmentation

Automations / Workflows

Google Analytics enricher

Looker (Data Studio) connector

Complimentary 1:1 Onboarding Session

Campaign tracking & attribution

Real-time alerts

Real-time identifications

LinkedIn Ads targeting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator targeting

Custom Email, CSV and PDF reporting

Data integration

For software providers

Generate deeper qualitative insights that go beyond clicks and visitors. Fuel new campaigns, prove ROI and empower your clients.

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For Agencies

Get insights earlier, add revenue streams and drive more qualified leads for your clients with our white-label solution.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Snitcher free trial work?

Our trial lasts for 14 days and is completely free. There’s no commitment or credit card required to get started. You will have access to all features, integrations, and company identifications during the trial, as well as support from an implementation specialist if needed. At the end of the trial, you can view the monthly subscription plan for your account and decide whether you would like to join us.

What are unique company identifications?

A "unique company identification" refers to a single company that has been identified as visiting your website. For instance, even if a company visits your site more than once in a month, it will still be counted as only one unique company identification. You won't be charged for multiple visits from the same company.

Snitcher automatically filters out ISPs and irrelevant traffic as Spam (which can be seen in your Spam folder). Spam traffic is not counted towards your monthly unique identification volume. This means you only pay for unique, high-quality identifications, and can exclude any irrelevant traffic that should not be counted against your Snitcher credits.

How is the cost of Snitcher calculated?

The total number of monthly unique company identifications is determined by calculating the average daily number of unique identifications you consume, and multiplying that by 30.43 (the average number of days in a month).

The resulting volume determines the tier or plan of your subscription, as seen on the pricing page.

Spam is automatically filtered out, and removed identifications do not count towards the total unique identifications.

Does the Snitcher free trial require contracts, commitments or a credit card?

‘Unique company identifications’ are unique visits to your site by a single company.

For example, if a company visited your site 25 times in one month, it’s still considered just one unique company identification; you’re not paying for multiple visits from the same company.

Because Snitcher filters out ISPs and irrelevant traffic, you’re only paying for unique, quality identifications and always have the power to remove any irrelevant traffic so it’s not counted against your Snitcher credits.

Can I add multiple websites and users to Snitcher?

Yes, you can add unlimited websites and users to your Snitcher account at no additional charge.

Do I need technical know how to set up Snitcher?

Nope, setting Snitcher up is super easy, does not require any technical skills and will only take a few minutes. Get a free trial started and follow the prompts.

Can I integrate Snitcher with other platforms?

Yes, Snitcher has multiple native integrations such as Google Analytics and Slack along with 1000s of customizable integrations through Zapier.

What are the payment options for Snitcher?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for monthly or annual prepaid payments through our online payment system. If you are on a higher volume plan, we may be able to offer annual invoicing upon request. Please contact us through the chat for more information about high volume plan billing.

Does Snitcher have a referral, affiliate or partner program?

Yes, we work with referral and affiliate partners on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us via chat to learn more.

We work closely with agency and software platform partners to help them fully leverage visitor identification within their service and product offerings.

Additionally, we offer large volume-based discounts to our partners.Feel free to sign up for a free trial to test our platform, or contact our team via chat for more information.

Is Snitcher GDPR compliant?

Yes, Snitcher is fully GDPR compliant, please see our documentation for more details.

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