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“Snitcher outperformed them all”

“Out of all similar tools we trialed, Snitcher outperformed them all. Other vendors detect about 60-70% fewer companies”

Inga B.

“Amazingly accurate data for a fair price”

“Find the B2B players coming to our website to target for cold outreach – Amazingly accurate company data for a fair price.”

Courtenay F.

“Clear, accurate Lead Gen & Visitor Tracking”

“I'm not sure how they are doing it, but Snitcher was able to accurately identify the highest percentage of our traffic.”

Becca R.


Capture and close anonymous visitors

Identify turns your anonymous website traffic into actionable leads and information in real-time. So you can make the most of every marketing dollar and close more deals.

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Enrich each identified company and your CRM with up to date and detailed information such as industry, size, location etc.

Visitor behavior

Follow lead journeys from source to close – get the full picture on what leads are doing, not only those who convert.


Use key pieces of information to to select the right decision maker and pull contact details from the dashboard.

"The software design is great – It's an ideal tool for Account Based Marketing and helps to gather new leads."

Marc-Antoine C.

Marketing and Sales Coordinator


Build lead lists that turn into customers

Group and segment leads by company attributes and behaviours so you can put your marketing and sales resources to work on customers, not browsers.


Define company attributes and behaviours to configure lead scoring. Trigger automations and manage your website traffic intelligently.

Collect great fit leads on autopilot so you can spend more time retargeting and selling to buyers, not browsers.

"We could find the contact information with a few clicks and reach out to possible deals"

Vencel M.

Head of Growth, Partner


Auto-qualify leads and move them to the next stage of your sales process.


Invest your time into promising prospects by prioritizing the highest-intent leads.


Notify and assign team members while routing leads to your favourite platforms


Export lead and visit data in multiple formats, or sync to other tools.


Move deals through your pipeline.

Send leads to your favourite tools and support sales teams with intent updates so deals keep progressing and marketing can retarget them.

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Connect with the tools your teams use and send through qualified or pre-qualified leads along with enriched company information.


Configure personal notifications for high-intent updates to keep conversations relevant so deals close faster.


Run LinkedIn retargeting campaigns on good fit leads and connect with Google Analytics to build ad audiences.