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IP to Company API

Instantly reveal the company operating behind any IP address. Enriched with accurate firmographic data, all in real-time.

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Enrich anonymous traffic with detailed company data

Personalize buyer journeys for specific company verticals

Pipe account-level data to downstream platforms

Turn any IP into a company object

We track multiple market signals and data sources to provide the highest identification rates at the best quality in the market. Old school static IP to company databases are a thing of the past.

Unrivaled match rates

Leverage Snitcher’s proprietary database to translate IPs into companies, even when the visitor is working remotely.

Actionable data

Get relevant firmographic data such as Industry, Location, Size, and more.

Privacy compliant

Fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws.

Use Cases

Fuel marketing, sales, support
and revenue operations, your way.

Deploy Snitcher’s identification layer to add vital context wherever you need it.

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Website personalization

Create unforgettable website journeys to improve on site engagement and conversion rates by getting the right content in front of your target audience in real-time.

Platform enrichment

Customize what you send to CRM’s and sales enablement tools for sales and rev ops. Create new or enrich existing accounts with anonymous visits and company firmographics.

Marketing automation

Tie multiple visitors and devices to companies so you can enrol them in workflows while getting a complete picture of the journey accounts take to become customers.


Power chatbots and support tools with enriched company names so you can focus on high value accounts, assign the right team member and personalise responses.

Marketplaces and publishers

Build a a revenue channel by offering customers intent data from your websites. Or increase the volume and quality of your existing data to grow the channel further.

SaaS platform data enrichment

Do you want to fuel your product with the best identification data? Build new products and offer your clients our data all from within your own platform.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can try us for free for 14 days. Our free trial includes access to the real-time identification API.

How does the API pricing work?

‘Unique company identifications’ are unique visits to your site by a single company.

For example, if a company visited your site 25 times in one month, it’s still considered just one unique company identification; you’re not paying for multiple visits from the same company.

Because Snitcher filters out ISPs and irrelevant traffic, you’re only paying for unique, quality identifications and always have the power to remove any irrelevant traffic so it’s not counted against your Snitcher credits.

Are there any rate limits?

Rate limits default to 100 requests per minute. Additionally, you are limited based on your monthly plan. See our pricing page for an overview. Feel free to reach out if your use-case requires higher limits!

Do you have examples of integrations that can be build with this API?

You can find a list of examples integrations here.

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