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Spotter API gives you real-time data about visitors, traffic sources and effective campaigns
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Personalized your site experience
Personalized your site experience
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How sales & marketing teams use Spotter

Accurately use IP addresses to identify visitors, even remote or virtual team members
“Spotter makes it easy for me to understand who my visitors are and create personalized content that converts.”
Noah Brier - Co-Founder at Variance
Instantly see who is on your site in real-time without slow, reactive reporting
See which campaigns, traffic sources and more are bringing marketing qualified leads
Tailor offers, agreements and conversations to warm leads’ interests
Personalize content with lead info, including company name and other details
Create smart, data-driven audience segmentation to focus your marketing

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Spotter API reveals your next big sales opportunity
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Personalize your website in real-time, including A/B testing and displaying the visitor’s company
Enrich Google Analytics and bring more utility to your G-Suite portfolio
Empower your marketing with optimized, specific audiences

Taking the ‘anonymous’ out of ‘anonymous site visitors’ in real-time

Not only do you gain visibility and data over your visitors, those who visit your site can get an unforgettable, unique personalized site experience.

With content that directly mentions their business and other impressive business details, leads feel like your site was made for them.

You’ll stand out. You’ll make an impression. You’ll make leads think you’re made for them.