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Why data-driven
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Easily integrates with Google marketing platform and 750+ tools
Closes the measurement gap from click to sale
Reveals content optimization opportunities
Personalizes the site experiences for visitors
Creates clear visibility over campaign results
Reveals new target companies, industries and locations
Easily integrates with their favorite tools and platforms

What marketers say about Snitcher results

Being a sales engagement platform, Kixie works with customers all over the world trying to increase their revenue, and I consistently recommend Snitcher as a part of customers' tech stack. Snitcher seamlessly integrates with our platform, Zapier, and most major CRMs; and in our testing Snitcher not only gathered insights on a higher number of leads visiting than it's competitors, but also had more detailed information about those leads.
David Gable
Kixie logo
David Gable
Head of Sales at Kixie
People are browsing our marketplace, and Snitcher is the mechanism by which we're able to understand who's looking for our products and why.
chemdirect logo
Tyler Ellison
Founder and CEO at ChemDirect

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Give your sales team more of the warm leads they love to work with
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