Adacta uncovers the dark funnel by identifying 500% more companies

Adacta dramatically increased visibility into their website traffic, seamlessly integrating Snitcher into their teck stack to deeply understand their buyer's journey and power targeted ABM campaigns.

Adacta uncovers the dark funnel by identifying 500% more companies
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"Snitcher has been instrumental in helping us uncover the 'dark funnel' and refine our attribution models. Additionally, we've gained valuable insights into our web visitors, improving our targeting and marketing campaigns." Sebastjan Plavec, CMO

Company Overview

Adacta has a team of over 200 people and is a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Providing Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes.

To target insurance companies looking to digitize their products, optimize processes, and enhance their user experience Adacta employs a mix of commercial strategies. These include educational webinars, targeted online and offline advertising, and active participation in industry events.

Through leveraging research reports, the team aligns with their target market needs and fosters tech partnerships to enhance their offerings. This content strategy boosts online presence, positioning them as thought leaders in the insurance software sector.


Adacta struggled to gain a clear understanding of how relevant their website visitors were and what industries they came from which impacted marketing and sales programs in a number of ways.

When tracking the journey of opportunities, the team couldn’t discern the steps visitors took before converting on their site. So the "dark funnel" remained a mystery, with no insights into what transpired before a conversion occurred. This made it difficult to gain insights on source and content performance so the team could optimise their buyers journey. It also meant potential high-value prospects were being overlooked if they didn’t convert.

Adacta’s attempts at targeted, account-based marketing campaigns were hindered due to a lack of insight into which accounts were visiting their site and the specific content of interest.

While these challenges were hard to quantify, the impact on lead generation and intelligence through the sales cycle was profound.

Why Snitcher

Adacta assessed a number of the top website visitor providers such as Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics in a side by side comparison.

The team chose Snitcher due to its enhanced capability to accurately identify and track more website visitors, allowing for better targeting and segmentation.

Compared to its competitors, Snitcher stood out by detecting up to 500% more website visitors, providing much broader audience insights. Last but not least, Snitcher offered the best value for money when looking at price per identification.

Aside from visitor identification and analytics, Snitcher's seamless integration with Adacta’s existing marketing tools, especially HubSpot as the integration offered much deeper functionality than other providers, played a pivotal role in the decision to move forward.

Implementation Process

The process of implementing Snitcher was not only simple and hassle-free but also facilitated by full support from the Snitcher team, ensuring everything went smoothly without any issues. Ensuring the team could get up to speed quickly and start seeing an ROI.

Solutions and Benefits

By utilizing Snitcher, Adacta was able to significantly elevate the quality of leads being generated, driving more meaningful interactions and conversions that positively impacted the sales process.

The team gained much deeper insights into a significant portion of their Sales Qualified Leads journeys, uncovering previously hidden actions and preferences. This helped the sales team to tailor messaging to what SQL’s were most interested in and increase connection rates.

Snitcher's standout performance, identifying up to 500% more website visitors compared to competitors, offered Adacta a wider perspective on their audience, enabling more effective engagement with potential clients throughout the buyer's journey.

With clear insights into which accounts visited the site and their content preferences, Adacta was able to optimise their account-based marketing campaigns to become more tailored and impactful.

The effortless integration of Snitcher, especially with HubSpot, enabled the team to work out of HubSpot using the power of visitor identification data within workflows. Further streamlining Adacta’s processes while making lead management and nurturing more efficient.


“Using Snitcher has strengthened our marketing strategy and boosted our sales. We are extremely satisfied with the results and recommend Snitcher to any company looking to improve its online presence and drive more sales”. Sebastjan Plavec, CMO