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How Influential Software closed $10k MRR in 6 weeks and improved win rates by 5%

In just six weeks, Influential Software dramatically improves their sales efficiency and lead identification, resulting in higher win rates and strong revenue growth, thanks to the strategic implementation of Snitcher.

How Influential Software closed $10k MRR in 6 weeks and improved win rates by 5%
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Company Overview

Influential Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 30 years of experience delivering digital solutions and IT services to companies ranging from FTSE 100 enterprises to local SMB’s.

With a team of over 80 people, three marketers and four sales team members. Influential is focused on ensuring growth resources are focused in areas that result in the largest impact for the business.

This means expanding existing customers while acquiring new customers that fit their ideal customer profile. To do this effectively, Influential is continually optimising and improving both acquisition and expansion programs. Using data at the heart of how they make quality decisions and invest their resources wisely.


The challenges Influential faced prior to Snitcher were grouped into 3 areas.

It was difficult to reliably identify upsell and cross sell opportunities unless customers actually reached out. Influential knew they needed to take a more proactive approach to expansion.

Over 95% of website visitors did not convert (fill out a form), meaning 1000s of valuable leads showing interest were going unnoticed. To add to this Salesforce provided an incomplete picture of converted leads website behaviour. This meant the sales team was unable to understand the interests of their prospects and craft relevant messaging, negatively impacting conversion rates.

As with any B2B organisation, low website conversion rates meant Influential had a very limited understanding of their traffic quality and an incomplete buyers journey in Salesforce. Making it difficult to determine which campaigns, channels and content drove revenue and which were just a cost centre.

Why Snitcher

Influential first started using Lead Forensics to solve the problems they faced and the solution worked well. After a couple years, the team decided to assess other options to see if there was a better platform out there.

After comparing 5 of the leading providers, Influential settled on Snitcher because the platform identified 1.8X more companies than Lead Forensics and the other solutions.

After a quick calculation, Influential realised they had been missing out on over 1500 leads per year. Based on existing numbers, they knew at least 15% of these leads would be qualified resulting in over 225 missed opportunities.

Adding to this, Snitchers pricing was transparent, the cost per identification a clear winner and the team was a pleasure to work with.

Implementation Process

Getting started was simple, only taking a couple minutes to install the tracker and begin identifying companies visiting the website.

The extensive AND OR firmographic and behavioural filters enabled the marketing and sales teams to accurately dial in on their Ideal Customer Profile. Creating Segments that automatically collected new good fit new leads.

From there, pre-qualified leads where sent to Slack so the sales team could further qualify potential prospects.

Since Influential needed to invest their sales resources wisely, they first start working converted leads supported by the additional behavioural information from Snitcher that Salesforce missed. This quickly enabled the team to better understand what prospects wanted and craft more relevant messaging, resulting in a 5% increase in win rates.

The team then focused on putting a proactive expansion process in place. To do this they configured Key Account Tracking in Snitcher and sent notifications to account owners in Slack when a customer consumed content on services they had not yet purchased. Leading to an expansion deal within the first 6 weeks of working with Snitcher.

For the Cherry on top, Influential configured the GA4 enricher in 3 clicks. This began populating reports in GA4 with company identification data. Allowing the Marketing team to find their best performing channels and save 7% of their marketing budget previously spent on initiatives that drove poor quality visitors.

The implementation itself was simple, taking a few days and didn’t require much assistance from the Snitcher team although they were available and willing to help with ensuring the finer details were correctly configured.

Next up, the team created Audiences using company identifications in GA4 to optimise their Google Ads in combination with using prebuilt Looker Studio templates from the Snitcher team. Enabling them to find deeper insights on their paid, organic and on-site performance.

Solutions and Benefits

Snitcher helped Influential solve the 3 primary challenges they faced leading to some great results through the following programs.

A proactive expansion process creating revenue:

Influential directly attributed an expansion deal to Snitcher worth $10k MRR within 6 weeks of going live that would have otherwise been missed.

The big upside to the expansion program with Snitcher is that the team did not need to dig for upsell or cross sell signals and had them delivered via Slack. Making for a scalable process that not only generated revenue but saved time.

Complete behaviour profiles that increased win rates:

By supplying the sales team with key behavioural information on prospects that Salesforce missed, the teams win ratio increased by 5% within the first 12 months of using the product.

The team is now utilising more of the visitor information within Snitcher to better understand the number of prospective stakeholders in accounts that they are working which will further increase their win rate over the coming months.

Marketing insights that reduced wasted spend:

Using Snitcher company identifications in GA4 enabled the Influential marketing team to find key insights into their paid advertising program and save 7% of the marketing budget.

Influential now makes use of company based audiences and dashboards to monitor marketing performance. Making it easier to find initiatives that don’t contribute toward revenue growth and optimising ads.


Influential saw a 28,6 x ROI on Snitcher within the first 6 weeks. The ROI increased as the team further implemented the platform and data within their marketing and sales operations and the team now uses the product on a daily basis.

‘’For any business that wants to improve marketing and sales efficiency to drive more quality leads while decreasing acquisition costs and closing more deals, Snitcher is a must have’’ Andy Richardson, CEO