How Fleetdm grew revenue with 70 new accounts from Snitcher

Fleetdm efficiently grows their pipeline with 70 new accounts by implementing Snitcher, enhancing their lead qualification and sales engagement process, and ensuring targeted outreach to interested prospects, leading to a substantial increase in revenue.

How Fleetdm grew revenue with 70 new accounts from Snitcher
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“You only have so much time in a day; you need to use those resources on accounts that are interested in what you are offering to ensure activities are contributing to the bottom line’’. Taylor Hughes, Head of Revenue Operations

Company Overview

Fleet is an open-source platform for IT and security teams managing thousands of computers. Offering Device management (MDM), Vulnerability management (VM) and Endpoint operations

With a team of 50 people, Fleet primarily uses highly targeted outbound to connect with IT and Security leaders from enterprise companies that manage large amounts of devices.

As a rule, Fleet doesn’t believe in the spray and pray approach of mass emailing of prospect. So the team is big believers in taking their time, conducting thorough research and thoughtfully engaging with prospects on a one to one basis.


Fleet knew their target audience well from running targeted outbound, but after narrowing the US companies down to just their ideal customer profile, they were left with thousands of companies to work with and needed signals to better understand which accounts to invest sales and marketing resources into.

Since the sales teams prospecting strategy focused on thoughtful outreach rather than mass emails. This left the team with a problem of having thousands accounts to interact with but no way of knowing which accounts were in market and already showing interested.

As a result, Fleet struggled to consistently select which accounts to prioritise. Causing prospecting efforts to be spent on prospects that were a good fit on paper but who were not in market. This also came at the expense of missing opportunities and not engaging with prospects that were showing a high degree of interest.

Why Snitcher

The platforms high identification rates and accuracy played a leading role, but what Fleet really liked how easy it was to get set up and running.

According to Taylor Hughes, Fleets Head of Revenue Operations ‘’having worked with other tools like Snitcher in the past, you might look at an implementation timeline of a weeks, and the Sales team might not see value for months. If we were going implement a tool like this, I wanted to ensure we would be up and running quickly so we could see value in it immediately. From a RevOps perspective, this is the north star of implementing tools and Snitcher absolutely checks that box’’.

Snitcher Segments were an important factor for Fleet as they are highly customizable and offer powerful AND / OR logic with 100s of filter options. Making them very easy to implement and understand. This meant Fleet could easily dial in on their ICP with great detail to find in market accounts.

As with all software purchases, solid integrations and automations are required to see value. Fleet found the integrations and automation within Snitcher to be well thought out and easy to set up. Making it a simple task to get identification data to the tools and people that needed it.

Taylor goes on to state “As a RevOps person, I’ve seen pieces of GTM tech stack that promise features, but then the company has to implement them. I like that we are in control of our integrations and automations. We’re able to update and pivot as needed. I also love that the Zapier integration gives us even more flexibility around what to do with our Snitcher data’’.

Implementation Process

Fleet got started by setting up Segments using their target market criteria to organize companies and data into meaningful groups. Once the team was happy with the Segments filtering, they triggered automations to create companies in HubSpot and assign them to reps.

‘’Setting up the segments was big for us. The folks at Snitcher helped us understand industry benchmarks to determine intent. That was incredibly helpful in ensuring we were realistic when setting up a Segment and passing information to HubSpot. Snitcher also walked us through the possibilities of automation within the tool and how we could use outside tools like Zapier to really make it shine. Again, as a RevOps person implementing a new tool, we don’t know what we don’t know.’’ Taylor Hughes

With qualified accounts automatically being sent to HubSpot, Fleets sales team realised the quick link back to the company profile in Snitcher was super handy to get more detail on the company when required.

Next up, Fleet configured dashboards to provide the sales team with an overview of their accounts. Making it easy for them to stay on top of any behavioral updates from Snitcher and prioritise outreach. This included showing Snitcher behavioural data on accounts the team was already in conversations with.

The HubSpot integration really started to move the needle in a big way at this point due to the way in which Snitcher updated existing companies in HubSpot with visit behavior. Making it possible to use the data within workflows to power the dashboards based on the actions accounts were taking on the website.

Solutions and Benefits

Fleets most significant improvement was the quality of leads they were able to capture. The team was able to consistently start talking to prospects who were actively engaged and interested in the solution. This in turn improved connection rates and positively impacted conversion rates throughout the sales process.

The second benefit was removing the guesswork of what messaging to use for each account, further improving connection rates. With the Segments configured in Snitcher and detailed behavioural profiles it was easy to understand what prospects were most interested in and the automation handled the heavy lifting, by providing reps with the signals they needed at the right time.

The third big advantage to Snitcher is time efficiency. The ability to push and assign qualified accounts automatically with automation while continuously serving the sales team with signals is a huge time saver.

Fleet grew their pipeline by connecting with over 70 net new accounts within their ICP thanks to Snitcher. Leading to an easy ROI on this alone.


Fleet can now bring prospects from their website to the CRM and assign a rep, all without manual clicks and or needing to check any individual tool. The reps get informed that an account has hit a threshold in Snitcher through the dashboard or when key behavioral actions are taken and they data they need to connect with or progress an account. The team are no longer guessing when it comes to account engagement and use Snitcher to prospect the way the Fleet likes to prospect.

“Snitcher is necessary for a sales organization to understand which prospects have expressed interest in their product. Prospect are raising their hands, and Snitcher gives us the tools to see it.’’ Head of Revenue Operations, Taylor Hughes