How Usersnap gained critical visibility into marketing campaigns with Snitcher

Usersnap optimises their marketing and sales campaigns with Snitcher, gaining critical insights into visitor segmentation and industry trends, leading to more targeted and effective strategies that resonate with their enterprise audience.

How Usersnap gained critical visibility into marketing campaigns with Snitcher
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"Snitcher is an essential backbone of our marketing and sales campaigns. It has made our analytics and reporting more insightful, enabling us to understand our target audiences better. Snitcher actively optimizes the experience and journey of our SaaS product for our customers and prospects." Klaus-M. Schremser, Chief Revenue Officer

Company Overview

Usersnap is a user feedback platform enabling product teams to efficiently capture, organize, and scale user feedback. It supports agile product testing and instant feature validation, thus facilitating product-specific insights, accelerated user testing, and improved stakeholder feedback loops.

Ideal for companies creating a user-centered feedback culture, Usersnap streamlines product feedback, optimizes communication for technical and design improvements, conducts in-product user research for UX insights, and keeps an updated stream of user feedback.

Companies, ranging from SMB’s to enterprise, use Usersnap throughout the product development lifecycle for bug collection, feature requests, quality assurance and user acceptance testing.

With global clients such as Red Hat, Erste Bank, Lego, Instacart, and Harvard. The platform allows enterprises to foster user-centric processes and feedback culture, providing clarity for product decisions and supporting confident growth and efficient operations.


Usersnap employs a PLG (Product-led growth) approach with the product at the center of their growth strategy (no surprises here). As increasingly bigger companies showed interest, it became more important to know which industries and sizes were visiting their website and product trials.

Additionally, Usersnap wanted to take a more proactive approach to its growth strategy by actively reaching out to people from ideal companies who showed interest by visiting their website.

Before implementing Snitcher, Usersnap faced challenges in effectively identifying and segmenting their website visitors, particularly larger companies from a variety of industries. This lack of visitor insights hindered their sales and marketing campaigns. Preventing them from tailoring content and offers to the right audience and investing their resources in programs with the highest ROI.

The impact of being unable to segment visiting companies and send them fitting content or offers was huge.

“30% of our visitors are larger companies, but we couldn’t address them correctly with Marketing and Sales campaigns. We had zero visibility when it came to segmentation”, said Klaus-M. Schremser.

Why Snitcher

Usersnap explored many visitor identification tools, and ultimately, Snitcher won the race with its real-time Spotter API and intuitive interface. Making it easy to score automatically and segment identified leads based on the team's ideal customer profile.

A big additional benefit was the ability to enrich Google Analytics 4 with company identification data. To top it off, after analyzing the results from different providers, Snitcher accurately identified a much higher number of companies visiting Usersnaps website.

The real-time JavaScript SDK also made it simple for Usersnap to integrate Snitcher into their website and tools.

Usersnap’s CRO added: “We went from zero visibility to identifying 8,000 brands per month on our website. That was a game-changer for us.”

The simplicity of implementation, fair price-value ratio, and the available support from the Snitcher team further solidified their decision.

Implementation Process

The implementation process of Snitcher into Usersnap's marketing and sales operations was fast and easy. Everything was set up within a week, integrated into GA4 and their CRM (Active Campaign), and ready to support their sales funnel. Leading to a number of early wins while the rest of the implementation process was completed.

With the user-friendly JavaScript SDK, Usersnap quickly installed the code and gained access to the real-time API. While also ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements, which was an important consideration for the Usersnap team.

Within the dashboard, Usersnap used saved filters to automatically capture and route companies fitting their ideal customer profile. Combining company attributes with behaviors like pricing page visits and over 5 minutes on-site enabled them to automatically pinpoint high-intent sales leads.

The Google Analytics (GA4) integration was configured in 3-clicks. Seeing the enriched company details like brand name, the industry, and company size in GA4 immediately began surfacing insights previously hidden behind the anonymous volume-based metrics GA4 offered without Snitcher.

The responsive and supportive Snitcher team provided timely assistance whenever Usersnap faced any hurdles.

As a next step, Usersnap now plans to integrate Snitcher with their own platform to deliver feedback widgets to specific segments of their target audience in real time. Additionally, Snitcher will be used in the paid ads campaigns to reduce wasted budgets on wrongly targeted audiences.

Solutions and Benefits

Usersnap capitalized on the identification data by personalizing the user experience through tailored signup and marketing automation programs.  Improving both engagement and conversions. Furthermore, the identified companies and their needs served as a valuable lead list. Usersnap leveraged this information to initiate targeted outreach on LinkedIn and the ability to focus remarketing efforts eliminated wasteful ad spend.

The Integration with Google Analytics 4 powered Usersnap with segmentation data, including company size and industries, in their visitor reports. These insights allowed the growth team to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and implement optimizations, ensuring they attracted their target audience while maintaining acquisition costs.

The reports and analytics derived from Snitcher proved highly insightful. Usersnap discovered that 30% of their visitors belonged to their Enterprise target audience, validating the success of their campaigns and highlighting the importance of proper audience targeting.


‘’Snitcher is invaluable if connected to your marketing and sales tool stack by improving and leveling up your business data of the audience interested in your SaaS product. Knowing the size and industry can make your targeting much more efficient, and for your salespeople, you can see whether a key prospect or customer is engaging with your website and product. Snitcher will become the backbone of your sales and marketing initiatives and reporting. Our team is loving it’’. Klaus-M. Schremser CRO Usersnap