How Waylay increased conversion rates by 4,7%

Waylay harnesses Snitcher's accurate data and integration capabilities to power their lead-generation and sales processes, achieving a 4.7% increase in conversion rates while streamlining their engagement with targets personas.

How Waylay increased conversion rates by 4,7%
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Company Overview

Waylay is an award-winning low-code hyper automation software platform. Enabling advanced workflow-based automation, system integration and orchestration across a wide range of connected assets, enterprise applications, IT systems and cloud services.

The team focuses on servicing Industry 4.0, Telecommunications, Financial services, Industrial manufacturing, Oil and gas and Mining and has a team of over 50 people from all over the world.

Target Audience and Commercial Strategies

Their primary focus is on digitally transformative companies looking to cut costs and time to market that have a workforce exceeding 200 people. Within target organisations, Waylay works with C-suite executives who possess the authority and foresight to make and influence purchasing decisions.

Waylay's marketing strategy is rooted in attending key B2B events and leveraging targeted digital advertising campaigns on platforms such as LinkedIn and Google Ads. On the sales side, since Waylay often targets large enterprise companies, the focus has been on highly personalised communication key stakeholders and staying top of mind through long sales cycles.


Waylay's primary challenge lay in understanding their sales cycle and what content specific companies where engaging with throughout the buyer’s journey.

The team struggled to find insights into what content was resonating with the C-suite and which marketing and sales initiatives performed best at not only attracting their target audience but helping Waylay stay top of mind.

This negatively affected the ability to grow sales pipeline by converting marketing leads into meetings due to the sales teams lack of context. Making it tough to craft messaging that leads could relate to. The team also missed many good fit opportunities that didn’t fill out their details.

The impact could also be seen in later stages of the sales process. Firstly, the team couldn’t tell what content prospects where engaging with and secondly, unless new stakeholders directly engaged with them, they went unnoticed. This made staying top of mind in a relevant manner through the long sales cycle and managing multiple stakeholders a challenge.

From a marketing standpoint, the lack of clarity into what content to produce and which channels and ads deserved more budget made it difficult to efficiently scale marketing programs. Harming the team's ability to drive quality leads without wasting budget and resources.

Why Snitcher

Waylay initially tried Leadfeeder to solve the problems they faced, but felt the price to value ratio did not make sense and the insights were not effective. After finding Snitcher through research on Google and then stumbling across their positive G2 reviews, Waylay decided it was time to test out the platforms side by side.

Snitcher was chosen for the following reasons:

  1. Higher accuracy of tracking existing leads and supplying deeper insights.
  2. 1.8x higher company identification rates
  3. Competitive pricing and intuitive user interface
  4. Better integrations with crucial tools like GA4, HubSpot, and Slack

Implementation Process

Implementing Snitcher was a breeze. It took a couple minutes to add the tracking code and begin collecting new leads and insights. Additionally in a few clicks, Waylay was able integrated Snitcher with their current tech stack (HubSpot, Slack and GA4).

The ease of setup meant Waylay could hit the ground running and the easy to use UI meant the team did not need much training to get value from the platform.

To ensure the platform and data correctly was implemented correctly, Snitcher ran a series of onboarding sessions for the marketing and sales use cases Waylay needed to solve. These got the team up to speed and offered a number of additional value ads the team was unaware of.

The Snitcher support team was a pleasure to work and continued to provide assistance when Waylay wanted to explore new use cases or updates were released.

Solutions and Benefits

The implementation of Snitcher brought immediate and tangible benefits to Waylay:

Increased connection rates: The sales team received deep behavioural insights and precise real-time notifications about existing lead behaviour. Improving their ability to craft relevant messaging and connect with prospects at the right time to book meetings and stay top of mind. Resulting in a 4,7 % increase in conversion rates.

Sales operations efficiency and better prospect nurturing: The integration with HubSpot ensured critical information flowed into the CRM in a scalable format. Waylay incorporated Snitcher visit behavior in workflows so the sales team could prioritise accounts by intent without needing to leave the HubSpot. Leading to operation efficiencies and many hours saved. Slack was the cherry on top for account owners to receive updates and new lead notifications.

Enhanced Sales Cycle Comprehension: Within a week, Waylay's understanding of their prospects improved substantially, allowing them to refine their sales cycle and content strategy effectively.

Deep Marketing insights: Using company identification data in GA4, Waylay solved it’s content production challenges by analysing engagement from ideal visitors to determine what was resonating with ideal visitors. In a similar process, the team analysed which channels and ads performed best so they could begin scaling programs efficiently and reduce acquisition costs per relevant lead by 12%.

The cumulative effect of these improvements was an uplift in lead quality and volume with a significant reduction in the time required to understand and engage with potential clients effectively. Waylay's marketing programs and sales cycle became more transparent, providing the team with the insights needed to target the C-suite effectively and convert more deals.


Waylay's collaboration with Snitcher has resulted in a streamlined, insightful lead-generation process that resonates with their high-level target audience. With Snitcher, Waylay has not only solved their initial challenges but has also gained a robust platform for continuous improvement in lead-generation and sales conversion rates.

‘’We are incredibly happy with Snitcher and everything it has to offer. We solved a big problem at an affordable price without spending time on training employees on how to use the solution and its various features. We look forward to continuing using Snitcher on a daily basis and improving our leadgenration process’’. Veselin Pizurica, COO and Founder